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Santoku Knife


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Canonsburg, PA


Product Details

With a great knife, cooking is easier. And when cooking is easier, you have more time to enjoy the things you cook and the people you cook things for. And when you have more time to enjoy the people you cook for, you will end up cooking for more and more people, and a giant circle of enjoyment will expand around you, and your life will be incalculably better. All because of this knife—this high-carbon stainless-steel knife with a rosewood handle—which is manufactured by Pennsylvanians with care and precision so that you can have a better life.

Company Info

All-Clad is the only bonded cookware manufacturer to use American craftsmen and American-made metals in their entire line. Originally designed to meet the needs of four-star chefs, their fine cookware is also the top choice for discerning home cooks and top culinary circles around the world. All-Clad uses exquisite lines and balance, meticulous hand finishing and innovative technology (like their signature bonding process and proprietary blend of metals) to make their cookware and cooking accessories. All-Clad lives in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, where they make their high quality products the same way they have for four decades.

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Also available for purchase at Bloomingdales. Made in USA.