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Allen Edmonds

Cordovan Leeds Dress Shoes



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Allen Edmonds

Port Washington, WI


Product Details

Thoreau told us to “Simplify, simplify.” And Allen Edmonds certainly took that advice when designing this shoe. Its elegant, simple lines create a look that’s classically American. It’s a look that will go with just about anything you wear, whether you’re heading into the interview that will change your life, or circumnavigating Walden Pond on a contemplative stroll.

Company Info

In 1922, Allen Edmonds founder Elbert Allen launched a shoe company in Wisconsin. Elbert knew that staying true to his Midwestern roots was the surest way to shoe superstardom, and thus his inaugural batch of footwear was designed with the values of humility, trust, hard work, and honesty in mind. Elbert also pioneered a new breed of nail-less and shankless shoes, creating a comfortable style that became an instant success. Nearly a century later, Allen Edmonds is the premier manufacturer of the best made, best looking formal and casual men’s shoes around. They’re in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Shipping and Returns

AVAILABLE APRIL 2013. Item can be exchanged, unworn within 30 days of purchase.

Details and Care

To remove any natural oils or residue in areas where the shoe flexes, and to maintain the leather's quality, simply brush the leather with a horsehair shine brush or wipe with a cotton flannel polishing cloth. Polish occasionally to protect the leather and maintain its rich color. Made in USA.