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Super Skewer

Super Skewers 6Pk

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Super Skewer

Salem, OR


Product Details

The Flat Super Skewer has a crafted wooden handle and a stainless steel tine measuring 19.5" in length. It is 3/8″ wide, 12 gauge stainless steel with a pointed tip to make meat & vegetables easy to place onto the skewer (meat will not rotate due to the flat shape). The overall length of the skewer is 22.5″ including the handle. The Flat Super Skewers are perfect for Shish kebabs, Portugese Espetada, Brazillian Churrasco & Middle Easter style cooking.

The Original Super Skewer (round) skewer has a crafted wooden handle and dual 1/8″ round stainless steel tines. The Super Skewer’s design eliminates the need for hot pads when kabobing because the wooden handle eliminates heat transfer from the barbecue. The dual 19.5″ long stainless steel tines stop your kabobs from rotating on the skewer when being turned. The tines will not rust and are easy to clean. The 19.5″ length allows you to remove your barbecue’s grills and shish kabob your food over the complete width of the standard barbecue. This gives more evenly distributed heat to your chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables, or whatever you’re grilling.

Company Info

Arguably the world’s most evolved skewers, Super Skewers are manufactured one-at-a-time in a home workshop in Salem, Oregon. Appearing in Brazilian steakhouses, around campfires, and on The Food Network, they stand at the ready for barbecuing, kabobing, cocktailing, or impaling any hard-to-grab foodstuffs. Thoughtful touches include nonstick stainless steel tines, double prongs that keep food from rotating, extra-long reach, and wooden handles that eliminate the need for hot pads.

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Details and Care

Comes with three 2-packs of skewers, 6 skewers total. Made in USA.