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Cortazzo Foods

Tomato Sauce Variety 3Pk

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Cortazzo Foods

Lancaster, PA


Product Details

There’s an old woman who lives on East 188th Street in the Bronx, off Arthur Avenue. She’s got garlic under her fingernails, age spots on her hands. She has hard, deep eyes that watched generations pass her by—starting back in Italy, then America. She stands over her Westinghouse stove in the apartment on East 188th Street, rocking on swollen, rusted ankles, stirring the sauce she has stirred for 60 years. And then, one day, she tastes the marinara from Cortazzo, and she stops stirring. She unties her apron, sits, and closes her eyes. She smiles. And she tells Sonny to order some more jars on the computer.

Company Info

Inspired by generations of passed down family recipes, Cortazzo chef J. Scott Martino combines fresh, tasty ingredients with classical cooking techniques to create his line of robust, authentic tomato and barbecue sauces. Obsession is what it takes to make sauces worthy of the Cortazzo name -- it took nine months to develop the company's secret mustard barbecue sauce blend. Cortazzo has stayed true to their roots since 2005, in Lancaster Pennsylvania, by making sauces that give Italy a run for its money.

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Details and Care

Each jar is 24oz. Comes with three different flavors of sauce, Arrabbiata, Pomodoro and Marinara. Arrabbiata & Pomodoro: 100% natural, no preservatives, no added sugar, no trans fats and gluten free. Marinara: 100% natural, no preservatives, no trans fats, gluten free. Made in USA