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Corter Leather

Cordovan Wallet


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Corter Leather

Boston, MA


Product Details

My father sold American leather goods for a living. So did my brother. So did I. I come from enough of an American leather-goods dynasty to say that I generally don’t like American leather goods much. They often mistake the American for the rustic and offer things like visible stitching when what you really want is the finish offered by, say, the Italians. But the handmade wallets made by Corter combine the rustic and the finished in a lovely way. They have visible stitching, and they’re as rustic as a farm. And they don’t just smell like leather; they have, like, leather exhaust. But they’re also as shiny as mirrors and slip into the pocket like an Italian pickpocket’s hand. And what’s more American than that?
-Tom Junod

Company Info

Corter Leather and Cloth churns out a surprisingly large and versatile collection of leather goods for a one-man operation. Eric Heins is that man, and he lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he designs and hand-makes beautiful leather things like wallets, belts, guitar picks, and bottle hook openers. Each piece is designed in-house, cut by memory, hand punched and hand sewn, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Shipping and Returns

This specific product usually ships within 2 weeks due to the handmade process. Item can be returned, unused, unwashed for full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

Details and Care

The Classic Bifold is just that- a 7 pocket bifold wallet featuring 6 card slots and a bill slot. Stitching along the top of the inside and outside provides structure and prevents excessive stretching over time. It is 100% Genuine Shell Cordovan and 100% hand made with no patterns or machines. Measures 3.5" x 4.5" and about .5" thick. Made in USA.