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Georgia Olive Farms

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


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Georgia Olive Farms

Lakeland, GA


Product Details

It looks like you could drink it. It’s green and gold, like the young olives from which it is pressed. Green and gold, like that girl’s hair, the beautiful one back in college, every time she got out of the pool. It’s smooth and tickles the back of your throat with a faint peppery kick, the way it should. Not only did the South rise again, it came back bearing the country’s most spectacular olive oil, this farm-collective blend containing the first commercial olives harvested east of the Mississippi since the late 1800s.

Company Info

Georgia Olive Farms is the country’s leading producer of olive trees, and the first to grow olives east of the Mississippi since the late 1800’s. Using their olives to make remarkably pure, delicious American olive oil, they also sell olive trees to anyone who’d like to do the same. Founded in 2009, Georgia Olive Farms is invested in sustainably reducing the carbon footprint caused by imported olive oils by providing a quality, affordable product to domestic consumers. These bad boys live in Lakeland, Georgia.

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Details and Care

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is 16.9oz. and is made from Georgia grown olives. Made in USA.