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Hardcore Hammers

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Hardcore Hammers

Shawnee, KS


Product Details

A man with a hammer can build things. A barn, a picnic table, a roller coaster, a little house, a huge house. A man with this hammer—the waffled face grips the nailhead and is slightly recessed, so the waffled face doesn’t waffle your thumb or your walls—feels as though he can drive nail after nail with one swing, the hickory handle operating like an extension of his hand. A man with this hammer can build things better.

Company Info

A hammer isn’t hardcore if it wears out in just two weeks. Frustration with cheap hammers like these is what inspired hammer experts Steve and Rick (brothers) to create Hardcore Hammers. These essential framing hammers are made with their waffled face slightly recessed into the hammer’s head, which protects the waffle from ever coming into contact with anything but the thing you’re trying to hit. That makes them last longer and hammer tougher. But they didn’t stop at hammers. They also make hardcore hatchets, handles and apparel straight out of Shawnee, Kansas.

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Details and Care

18" Tennessee hickory curved handle. The head is hand forged and weighs about 19oz. The handle is coated with water proof polyurethane; there might be slight differences between the image portrayed on this website and the actual product you receive. Made in USA.