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Horizon Smoker Company

Classic Backyard Smoker


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Horizon Smoker Company

Perry, OK


Product Details

Oil and barbecue are the lifeblood of Oklahoma. Maybe that’s where Roger Davidson got the idea to hand-weld high-performance steel oil pipe for his offset barrel smoker. After years of experimenting—reverse airflow, bottom-mounted smokestack, etc.—Davidson settled on a cylindrical cook chamber with the firebox to one side (and lower, to keep the direct heat away from the meat, hence “offset”) and a smokestack and grease drain on the opposite side, with dual dampers to help you cook low and slow. Note: This isn’t for burgers. It’s designed to harness the alchemy of low heat, slow cooking, and heavy woodsmoke to transform tough briskets and fatty pork shoulders into dark, smoky morsels tender enough to cut with the side of a fork.
-S. Raichlen

Company Info

Barbecue is the muse of the Perry, Oklahoma-based Horizon Smoker Company, makers of the country’s best smokers and barbecue gear. After a few years of dominating the barbecue competition circuit, Horizon founder Roger Davidson decided to settle down and create a smoker of his own. With a little help from some of the world’s most experienced metal fabricators, he created a revolutionary smoker from the best steel he could find. Horizon’s wealth of experience with barbecuing, combined with their knowledge of barbecue products makes them the undisputed choice for all your barbecue needs. And, they’ve got a lifetime warranty to boot, so you can barbecue your little heart out.

Shipping and Returns

This specific product is drop shipped from vendor and usually ships within 6-8 weeks. All returns need to be handled through vendor. Email support@madecollection.com for more information. Does not ship internationally.

Details and Care

The firebox dimensions are 16" dia. x 16" long and the cooking chamber dimensions are 16" dia. x 32" long. There is over 660 total square inches of cooking surface. The wheels are 12" dia. and the front shelf is 9" x 30". The 16" Classic comes with two 15" x 15" cooking grates, a 15" x 12" firebox cooking grate, a firebox charcoal grate, a thermometer and a clean out tool for cleaning ash from the cooking chamber and firebox. Made in USA.