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Leather Honey

Leather Conditioner


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Leather Honey

Kearneysville, WV


Product Details

First it was for the horses—to keep their saddles soft and strong. The family who owned the horses on the farm in West Virginia mixed the first batch out of who knows what, and that’s still what’s in it. Use it on your best leather. It will look like new except that it will still look old, which is what you want. Seriously, Leather Honey is a miracle.

Company Info

In 1968, Leather Honey created one of the first non-toxic, solvent-free leather conditioners that was both odorless and water repellant. Leather Honey’s conditioner makes leather flexible, supple and long-lasting, breathing new life into leather shoes, jackets, car seats, horse saddles and tack, and any other leather item you can think of. Leather Honey is from Kearneysville, West Virginia.

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Details and Care

The Leather Conditioner is 1 pint. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:
1. Protect your floor or counter with newspaper
2. If it is dirty, clean the surface of your leather (new leather does not need to be cleaned)
3. Let the leather dry completely after cleaning
4. Kill any existing mildew using a combination of apple cider vinegar and water
5. Test the Leather Honey in a small, discreet area first. This is important, even if youʼve applied Leather Honey to other items with great success. Leather is a natural material, and each piece may react differently to a conditioner
6. Use a lint-free cloth, paint brush or foam sponge to apply Leather Honey to the leather at room temperature. Remember: A little Leather Honey goes a long way!
7. Allow time for the Leather Honey to absorb, and wipe off any excess with the lint-free cloth
8. Let dry
9. Repeat process if leather is extremely dry, damaged or cracked
Made in USA.