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Pigtail Brands

BBQ Sauce 5Pk


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Pigtail Brands

Charleston, SC


Product Details

Tart and thin with plenty of cling, so you don’t have to lick the plate. Feel free to toss around that term—cling—when enjoying it with your friends.
-F. M.

Company Info

Pigtail Brand’s delicious, robust, and tangy heirloom barbecue sauce dates back to 1980, where, in Gifford, South Carolina, it was first produced in small, specialty batches. The locals would gather around after days of hunting, family activities, and the like to tell stories while enjoying the tangy barbecue sauce and ice cold beverages. Now based out of Charleston, SC, Pigtail Brands has established itself as the sauce boss on the competitive barbecue circuit. And get this: it’s cholesterol, gluten, and fat-free. Yum.

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Details and Care

Comes in a bundle of five 12oz. bottles. Gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free and preservative free. Made in USA.