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Haverhill, MA


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In 1929, two Italian-born brothers set up a suit business in Massachusetts and began to build a following with their natural British-style jacket shoulder. Over the following eight decades, the British style beloved by the Italian-born brothers came to epitomize traditional American tailoring. See: this sculpted moleskin overcoat, created in conjunction with fellow American brand Jack Spade.

Company Info

Southwick began as a small menswear enterprise, fathered by two immigrant Italian brothers in the early 1900’s. Hardworking and ambitious, they set up shop in Massachusetts where they honed their skills as expert tailors. Southwick popularized the natural shoulder look in the 20’s, earning a reputation for making iconic suits with simple, clean lines and a great fit. Their passion for craftsmanship provides enduring value to their suits, making them not only great looking, but long lasting enough to be worn by many generations to come.

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