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Williams Knife Co.

Oyster Knife

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Williams Knife Co.

Johns Island, SC; Otto & Weaverville, NC


Product Details

Someone brought a bottle of icy muscadet. There’s hot sauce. You’re at the table—on the deck, in the yard—holding a knife handmade with premium hardwood and strong steel that feels born in your hand, driving the tip into oyster after oyster, slicing the adductor muscle, flicking off the top shell, balancing the oyster to preserve the briny liquor, passing it to whomever hasn’t tried one yet. Everyone wants to sit next to you.

Company Info

As an avid outdoorsman, Chris Williams of Williams Knife Company has always been fascinated with blending steel and natural materials into something both artistic and useful. That interest lead him to pursue knife making, a craft his grandfather taught him. Every knife Chris makes must pass his rigorous standards for both form and function, giving his knives the unique quality of being a fully functional work of art. Chris makes each knife himself, by hand, using exotic materials like mother of pearl, abalone, bone, and stag antler for the handle, coupled with the strongest, sharpest steel blades there are. Johns Island, South Carolina is where Chris calls home.

Shipping and Returns

This specific product usually ships within 7-10 business days. Item can be returned, unused for full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

Details and Care

Each knife is made by hand and colors will vary. No two knife handles are the same. All grains and colors vary. The color of the wood handles are grouped by light, medium and dark shades (refer to product photos). Note that products will not match the photo exactly. Full length including blade: 7". Blade Length: 3". Hand wash only.Made in USA.