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Grillworks Inc.

Wood-burning Grill


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Grillworks, Inc.

Traverse City, MI


Product Details

Propane or charcoal? You’re missing something: When it comes to flavor, nothing beats the smokiness of grilling over wood. This mercurial fuel burns unevenly, however, inspiring Ben Eisendrath, Grillworks chief, to install crankwheels to raise or lower the Argentine-style grill surface a full 16 inches. Each grill is assembled by metalworkers who moonlight building custom cars. If you delight in the process—building and playing with fire until it does what you want—this thing is a bargain.
-S. Raichlen

Company Info

Grillworks, Inc. was founded by Charles Eisendrath, a foreign correspondent for Time. He was exposed to the best outdoor cuisine that France, Turkey, Chile and Argentina had to offer. Based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Charles set out to not only recreate but improve upon the open fire cooking styles he'd encountered overseas. To say he succeeded is an understatement. Charles' son, Ben Eisendrath – now a renowned grill-maker to the stars – and Grillworks’ natural wood-burning grills have been become a mainstay of celebrity chefs, cooking magazines, and foodie shows.

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Details and Care

Grillworks grills should need no major maintenance for many years. The body and cooking system's 304(or special order 316) stainless steel will not rust or corrode. Moving parts such as the aircraft-grade lift cables and collars are designed to be worry-free and easily adjusted if required. Cleaning is easy - lower the surface close to the fire at the end of cooking and scrape away the charred residue with the included Persuader Tool. For a deep cleaning the detachable V-Channels cooking surfaces and basting pans all fit in a standard dishwasher. The frame can be shined with any cleaner designed for stainless steel. The Grillworks 36 Asador shown is 45” wide x 23.5”(60cm) deep / 54”(112cm) high. The total grilling surface width is 36”(91cm). Made in USA.