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Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin Dress



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Alabama Chanin

Florence, AL


Product Details

Welcome to Florence, Alabama, where the pace of life is relaxed, and people have time to create things, the things they’re passionate about. That’s exactly the mindset which led to the conception of the Alabama Chanin Dress. Slow fashion created its simple lines and comfortable fabric, which was hand-sewn by local artisans from organic cotton. It’s a year-round wardrobe staple that’s perfect for layering, but will also make you look smokin’ when it’s all you’ve got on.

Company Info

One night in New York City, Natalie Chanin found herself holed up in the Chelsea Hotel with nothing amazing to wear to a party. So she decided to make something herself, and Alabama Chanin was born. With a focus on sustainability and organic, recycled materials, Alabama Chanin makes limited edition, hand-stitched pieces that capture the languid glamour of the South. The talented local artisans that comprise Alabama Chanin make unique house-wares and gorgeous couture clothing in the American Gothic style out of Florence, Alabama.

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Details and Care

The dress measures approximately 40” from the shoulder to the hem. Machine wash gentle. Hang to dry. Made in USA.