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Bullet Designs

Choudrant, LA


Product Details

While there’s no shortage of unique cufflinks out there (tiny weird dolphins, anatomical hearts), it’s rare to find a pair that upcycles one object into another. Made from real .45 Colt Starline Nickel bullet casings, these cufflinks from Bullet Designs upcycle spent ammo into the perfect exclamation point on your outfit for any occasion. Replete with firing pins for dramatic effect.

Company Info

Inspired to solve the age old problem of what to get the man who has everything, Bullet Designs began designing jewelry, pins, lights and art made out of used bullets and guns, sure of the fact that no woman or man already owned what they had to offer. Bullet Designs is a small, quite young company located in Louisiana. They strive to keep the environment in mind in everything they create, which yields jewelry and trinkets that are at once both beautiful and recyclable (in most cases).

Shipping and Returns

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Details and Care

Should be stored in a jewelry box or their original box. Polish occasionally using a soft polishing cloth or Brasso®. Made in USA.