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Corter Leather

Boston, MA


Product Details

Maybe the reason that Boston had a Tea Party instead of a beer party was that the bottles were too hard to open. Consider that issue handled because we found you this handy Bottlehook from Corter leather. Made from tough plated steel, you can hook it on to your belt loop, bag, dog’s collar, or any place where convenient access to beer-opening tools is necessary. Plus, it’s got a hand-stamped leather tag you can write your vital stats and name on, so everyone will know who it was who started the beer party.

Company Info

Corter Leather churns out a surprisingly large and versatile collection of leather goods for a one-man operation. Eric Heins is that man, and he lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he designs and makes (entirely by hand) beautiful leather things like wallets, belts, guitar picks, and hooks that open bottles. Each piece is designed in-house, cut by memory, hand punched and hand sewn, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

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