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Big Picture Farm

Goat Milk Caramels w/ Box


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Big Picture Farm

Townshend & Randolph, VT


Product Details

Lack of commitment is giving your crush a bouquet of flowers. Determination is giving them something that came straight from the patron saint of stubborn, the goat. Try these goat’s milk caramels from Big Picture Farm. These sea salt-bourbon vanilla-flavored caramels should make it pretty clear to the lucky recipient that they are loved. And, they come in a custom-made box that’s adorned with the blunt master himself (goat), just in case you really want to drive the point home.

Company Info

Big Picture Farms is a Townshend, Vermont-based goat dairy and farmstead confectionery. Founded by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell in 2010, Big Picture raises happy, healthy goats who are free to graze the rich pastures and leafy woodlands of their farm year round. This translates into exceptionally floral, creamy goat’s milk that is used to make their one-of-a-kind caramels and small batch cheeses. Louisa and Lucas are also artists, and aim to mix their art life with their goat life to make products that are unique, delicious, and filled with love.

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Comes with wooden gift box. Made in USA.