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Guitar Picks 2Pk


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Ocala, FL


Product Details

What’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a handcrafted guitar if you’re going to strum its strings with a twenty-five cent piece of plastic? The Surfpick is the pick your guitar deserves: one that’s hand-beveled and made entirely of 100% Lignum Vitae, the strongest, densest wood on earth. Each Surfpick gives you a warm, clear sound, and lets you play with greater speed and accuracy. We’re going to start you out right on the road to Rock God, with one standard pick and one bullet pick.

Company Info

In 2003, a rare wood collector named Ra from Ocala, Florida, began experimenting with different applications for Lignum Vitae. He realized the density of this wood could be perfect for guitar picks, and began making them for his friends. His Lignum picks completely changed the way guitars sounded, bringing out a deep, rich, brilliant character and tone that he had never encountered using plastic picks. Today, Ra operates a successful online store for his amazing picks and believes they will help you take your playing to a new level.

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Details and Care

Comes with one standard pick and one bullet pick. Made in USA.