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Boulder, CO

Buck Products

Bozeman, MT


Product Details

In a world inundated with hyper-technical backpacks machine-fabricated using space-age polymers, the Buck Products roll-top backpack is a cry in the wilderness for a return from the Brink of Ridiculous. Handmade from tough Cordura fabric, this simple back adornment with the classic design is perfect for anyone looking for something sensible, yet cavernous. According to Buck, this bag holds a “cubic buttload”. You gotta love a company that eschews the decidedly metric parlance other bags use to describe their volume.

Company Info

Alex Buck, founder of Buck Products, makes roll-top backpacks from scratch in Bozeman, Montana. Alex aims to challenge the trend of hyper-technical bags and backpacks on the market by designing simple, stylish daily-use bags. Cordura is his fabric of choice, and he is happy to customize any combination of colors for your backpack. Buck Products are tougher than tough, without any unnecessary bells and whistles, just how Alex likes it.

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