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Shockoe Denim

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Shockoe Denim

Richmond, VA


Product Details

“Upcycling” isn’t technically an official word yet, but if it were, there would be a picture of these jeans next to it in the dictionary. They're handmade from 21% EarthSPUN®, a yarn spun from recycled brown plastic beer bottles which are washed, melted and extruded into fiber using solar power. These delicate, renewable fibers provide a softness and performance that's matched only by the durable selvedge denim from Cone Mills that makes up the other 79% of the jeans. They’re sewn by hand with a single-needle machine, ensuring that no two pairs are the same.

Company Info

Shockoe Denim was founded in early 2012 by Anthony Lupesco and his father, Pierre. After collaborating with jean genius Gianni Santagati, who has designed patterns for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, Anthony and Pierre began making selvedge denim jeans using traditional construction methods which highlight the superior craftsmanship and attention to fit that defines their pieces. All Shockoe’s denim comes from North Carolina’s storied Cone Mills, America’s oldest working denim maker. Their jeans are handmade in the same Richmond, Virginia shop where they are sold.

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Details and Care

This is raw denim [unwashed] therefore dry crocking will occur. This is when the indigo rubs off onto light fabrics. Avoid white sofas- shirts- handbags and carseats. Wash as little as possible. If needed, wash by hand in cold water with a small amount of detergent. Hang dry. Made in USA.