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Rockford, IL


Product Details

My father owned an Estwing when I was a kid. I remember thinking how beautiful the handle was, how the embossed sheath seemed special—like Davy Crockett gave it to him personally. It is the essential tool, so satisfying when the hatchet drops and the blade sinks into a piece of wood and rests. It was one of the first tools I owned when I bought a home. It seemed like a rite of passage. And it’s beautiful.
-David Curcurito

Company Info

For Estwing, just making the highest quality, best-looking axes and striking tools wasn’t enough- they had to totally change the game. Estwing has pioneered two major inventions in the striking tool world: the shock reduction grip, which reduces damaging vibrations caused by impact, and Weight Forward hammers, which put the weight of the hammer up front in the head, for more accurate, efficient hammering. And all that innovation comes from a company that’s been family owned since 1923.

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Details and Care

Solid steel with leather grip. Made in USA.