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St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation



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St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation

Worcester, MA


Product Details

Here’s two things you probably didn’t know about America. We’re home to the first horseshoe World Championship, and we’re the largest producer of horseshoes on the planet thanks to St. Pierre Manufacturing Company. And among all this horseshoe history, the St. Pierre Presidential Horseshoes Outfit reigns supreme as the best, most technologically advanced there is. Approved for NHPA tournament play, they feature longer, weightier tips for more balance and control, and a tapered leading edge that helps you lock in ringers. Coupled with a ringer breaker that helps rotate the shoe, and a finger positioner for the right grip, you’ll be slinging shoes just like the pros.

Company Info

Henry St. Pierre was sick of getting stuck in the mud. So, he invented an improved gripping chain for tires. People loved them, so he made a company; called it St. Pierre Manufacturing Company. Next came automotive tools, then aircraft parts during WWII. After receiving an “E” rating for excellence from the US Navy, Henry capitalized on his horseshoe hobby and shifted production to make the country’s finest horseshoe sets, eventually becoming the largest horseshoe manufacturer on planet Earth. They still hold that title today, as they continue to pump out top notch tire chains, miscellaneous parts, and more recently, bocce balls. They’re in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Details and Care

Dimensions: 26 1/2" x 9 1/8" x 2 5/8". 22lbs. Set includes: 2 silver and 2 gold American horseshoes, 2 24" stakes, rulebook with court layout. Comes in an old fashioned, pine box with mahogany finish, built in handle, and burnt in logo. Made in USA.